Website Checkup

A Special Offer from NetGreen Consulting, Inc.

“30,000 Miles Website Checkup”

Do you already have a website?  Be honest and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does a “Check Engine” light go on in your head when you look at your current website?
  • Is it up-to-date with information about your current products and services, or as out-of-date and tired-looking as a rusted-out pickup truck?
  • Do you wonder how you could make your website easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for – or even to find your site at all?
  • Most importantly: is your website driving prospects and sales TO or AWAY FROM your business or organization?

We can help! Our “30,000 Miles Website Checkup” service will go “under the hood” to analyze your existing site’s layout, look, links and usability as well as your listings and rankings in Google and other major search engines. We’ll provide several pages of written recommendations for improvements and discuss our findings and recommendations with you so you can understand specific actions to take to improve your Internet marketing vehicle. Our review and analysis of your existing website includes:

  • Consultation by NetGreen Consulting, Inc. with the website owner regarding any website concerns or known problems, improvements that they would like to be made, or features that they would like to have added.
  • Review of an existing website’s pages, layouts, broken links, and overall functionality
  • Analysis of the website’s listings and links in Google, Yahoo, and MSN with a written report of our findings
  • Written recommendations for improvement of the site’s layout, “look and feel,” and ease of use for visitors
  • Written recommendations for improvement of the site’s Search Engine listings
  • Review of this report and its recommendations with the website owner

Actual modifications or optimizations to the existing website are not included in this analysis; however, you can take this information to anyone you’d like to make improvements to your site. You may also contract with NetGreen Consulting, Inc. under separate agreement to perform such website modifications or optimizations, or to get a new website setup for you, if desired.

The price for this website analysis service is $295.00, payable upon engaging NetGreen Consulting, Inc. to perform this service.  References are available upon request.

Why should your website look like your Grandpa’s dusty old jalopy?  Contact NetGreen Consulting for our “30,000 Miles Website Checkup” service and find out how to turn your current website into a powerful Internet sales & marketing machine!