Copywriting/Technical Writing

Technical Writing, Copywriting and Online Commentary

White Papers and Technical ArticlesOne of the great privileges of becoming an expert in networking technologies is sharing what you’ve learned with others. David Green has been able to take the fruits of his experiences, lab testing, and research and put it into writing through various white papers, application notes, implementation guides, and newspaper articles, both online and in print.

Now with┬áNetGreen Consulting, Inc., David is able to offer his experience and writing talents to help you in marketing your products or services and explaining to your customers how best to use them. We’ve also brought together a number of articles and papers that David has written to help the general public understand networking technologies and the Internet. Many of these articles first appeared in the Bluffton Today newspaper; later the articles were picked up by Spero News and Daily Estimate as well. Thanks to them for giving us the initial opportunity to share this information in print and online!

Most of these articles appeared initially in the Bluffton Today newspaper. Several have been expanded and revised for the Spero News international online journal. The Web Host Directory web site has also re-published some of my articles that they found on Spero News.

The following list has links to the “best” version of these articles:

Technical Reviewing/Editing of Books

Along with writing articles and papers, David has also been a technical reviewer for some books on networking technologies: